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Articles can be around 1,200 – 3,000 words. If you’re keen to make money blogging, you’ll love the Ultimate List of Better-Paid Blogging Gigs — it gives you details of 75 blogs that pay $50 to $2000 per post. Enter your email and I’ll send you a free copy, plus my money-making toolkit and other useful stuff. DivvyHQ is a content creation and marketing solution site with a blog.

You’ve probably already watched a viral Upworthy video or read one of their short articles on social media. They’re known for publishing stories that are uplifting and meaningful. There aren’t many subjects they won’t tackle. So business and career ideas can work. BUT you need to do some heavy research to see what might get a yes. Even though they tend to be short, they want you to write an article that impacts people and gets their attention.

If you want to get published in Fast Company and you work at it , you’ll eventually get a yes (and it might take 10 or more well-researched pitches by the way). They’re not sitting around waiting for your pitch. But if the right one lands in their inbox, they’ll respond. Submittable is a widely-used submissions portal that publishes its own blog. They accept articles that discuss publishing or digital media.


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Just make sure your story is publish-worthy and fully edited before you send it in. Know the ins-and-outs of SEO, content marketing, and social media strategy? Or want to write an article about news and emerging trends in digital marketing? RankPay has an audience of people who want to stay abreast of news and trends in this industry. Or love to write about the must-see places and things to do in your city? The Travelista Club pays $40 (Australian Dollars; as of October 2017 this is about $30 USD) for travel articles about the places you’ve lived in or visited yourself.

So, it’s crucial to enhance your writing skills and develop the right attitude towards this craft by being open to all possibilities. QuickBooks makes it so easy to file your taxes as a freelancer. You can report all of your income online, import your 1099s and check for every single deduction that’s available. You just download the Chrome extension and Grammarly checks your writing online automatically. You can also scout out paid freelance blogging jobs on regular job boards like Indeed or CareerBuilder.

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