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As such, using long quotes and speeches for the bulk of your point or information is not something we are looking for. The topic must presented in the form of a narrative. You are responsible for your personal growth as you learn how to improve yourself.

Personal development plans are exclusively, shout-it-from-the-rooftops, all about you. While there’s more than one way of putting a plan together, whichever way you choose there’s a fundamental thing worth remembering about personal development. Ultimately, it’s your own plan, the next chapter in your story. Do not just write any articles and send it to us, many people submit articles that are not relevant, so it’s best to get approval for the title rather than wasting your time.

EDITS – Any article submitted for publication automatically assumes your approval and consent to editing . You will always be credited as the author/contributor. Submit your articles to either straight in the email or using google docs.

Make your article interesting and easier to follow by including subheadings to break up your content. Single sentence lines are not what we are looking for. Make sure to submit your article in paragraph format. If you need an example, have a look at any of our latest articles on our website and you will see how we like to format our content. If you have great advice to share with our readers that will motivate them to succeed, then we are looking to feature you. Please have a browse through our website and have a look at the categories and articles that we cover.

To find free images, a photo you took yourself, or choose from hundreds of our existing photos. You may also include videos from YouTube or Vimeo in your story. Please note that we reserve the right to edit submissions headlines, images, links, and subheadings.

Google docs is the easiest and quickest way to have your article reviewed. Would you like to share your advice or your lessons you have learned in life or business with over 3 million monthly readers of Addicted2Success.com? Well we are always looking for high quality, fresh content to share. I am impressed with your blog and I noticed you are maintaining each post very clearly. I am searching this kind of site for posting my article. I would like to share my post to your blog with my website link.


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Sometimes, even the slenderest whisper of personal development can create a kneejerk need to start listing things – future goals, past failings and so on. Full citation list for sources that are linked within the article. Links may change over time, and this helps ensure content will be accessible to future readers.

It is based on DA and PA index and intended to help our customers to select proper pages for links placement. SB Rank can be considered as a full replacement for Google PR. Click below to read the story of how Working Voices began, and how we got to the position we are in today. Here you will find top tips, insightful articles and the interesting views of our expert trainers & coaches on all things communication. We reserve the right to format any submitted article to match our site. Interested in a post swap, featured article on your site, or a collaboration?

Once the article becomes published it officially becomes property of Strive Industries, LLC. We DO NOT accept content that has already been published. Whether it has been published on your own personal blog, social media platforms, or with another publication, we will not consider it if it has already been published.



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