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As we have described to you earlier that it is a guest blog, you are not supposed to get paid for the same. We appreciate and accept content from the writers of the same niche except for our competitors. We are looking for contributors in various cities to write about luxury cars, private jets, fashion, watches/timepieces, travel, hotels, shopping and similar topics. Look at what we’re already publishing to get an idea of the kind of stories we like. Before submitting your article please read our guidelines carefully is a general web blog and we accept below mentioned types but not limited to Lifeyet.com. We accept contents related to below mentioned categories.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

We’ll get your content in front of millions of readers when you write for us Lifestyle. You can also send us pictures and videos relevant to your content provided that they are original and yours or you have the proof to use them. Also, all the links should be already added as no affiliate linking is allowed. Writers should include sub-headings to make the article scannable and more readable. Apart from this, for emphasis, all sub-heading should be question format.

The length of your article must be 1000 words to 1500+ words. If you’re not sure if your article is a good fit, then please send us a brief summary of what it’s about and we’ll let you know. Please include any keywords, focus keywords, and meta descriptions for review.

Are you looking for a lifestyle blog to publish your lifestyle articles online? Do you want to share your stories and tips with a large audience of like-minded people? Our blog is a one-stop place for those who are looking for the latest and fresh tips and ideas to make their lifestyle not only healthy but also fashionable. Many people may wish to get more knowledge in this field. Therefore, they can email their Blog to E-mailWe will examine your Blog.

When writing for us, please make sure that your piece is fresh and original. This means that the topic should not have been covered by our site already and that the content is not posted anywhere online, apart from your website or platform. We publish guest posts that do not violate any copyright laws.

We are always looking for talented guest bloggers to share their stories and insights with our readers. If you have a great idea for a post, we would love to hear from you! Please send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Getting your expert knowledge out there with Mom News Daily is a great way to grow your audience. The best way to get your story in front of more people is by writing for Mom News Daily.



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