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Additionally, try to go for topics on events planning that interest you or that you are familiar with. This is advisable because you will most likely deliver good quality content on topics that you know well as compared to new topics and ideas. Blogs are viewed as a professional platform, especially by professionals and experts. It is alright to have presence in social media platforms, mainly because the platforms host numerous people.

Content should help the audience understand the events better. Liz King also hosts an annual live event in New York called Techsytalk LIVE, where planners can engage with one another in a tech-forward environment. Catch up on the latest event industry news, tips & trends from our team. Blogs should not be directly trying to sell a specific product or service, though you may link out to them if they are relevant to post topic. Each blog may include relevant links and should cite any sources used. Shape what’s next with AI‑driven insights and experience management solutions built for the pace of modern business.

Not just to get a post published and get a link back to the author’s website. Someone who put their ideas into practice daily and can articulate it in a tangible way. Someone who has learned from experience and can teach our readers a new skill or strategy.


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One of the most common mistakes that event planners make is being innovative just for the sake of doing it and forget why they are organizing the respective event. Moreover, you should take small steps and consider the identity elements of the clients’ brand. Starting from the event’s objective, you can make your event really special by creating a fascinating journey for your attendees.

The Gallus Events is an event manager blog that offers events consultancy services. This company has a blog that focuses on well elaborated mind jogging articles for its readers. The blog aims at giving readers thought leadership and it mainly targets event planners. You will find topics such as event sustainability and event industry trends in the blog.



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