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In addition to payment, all authors receive a complimentary voucher copy of The Green Parent. We welcome unsolicited articles from regular readers, or those who are at least familiar with the topics covered and the ethos of the magazine. You can look at some samples of the magazine here. Make it easy to read – All content should ideally be between 500-1,500 words long with sub-headers and professional formatting.

Use acronyms and specialised words with caution; always write them out in full to begin with followed by bracketed acronym – e.g. If you have to use technical terminology, make sure you explain it in such a way that it will make sense to a lay readership. We’ll promote your content, but we’d love for you to share it on your social channels as well.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Furthermore, where relevant, details of any abusive message will be given to the police. We reserve the right to edit, updated, add, remove, modify, and change your guest blog content to fit our publishing guidelines and the standard of our website. Once the article is published in our , You cant reuse the same content to publish in other websites. We cant make any changes in the external links once its published. Incase if you need any updates after publishing the blog, it will be done upon a fixed fee. Regarding post-paid payments, you should make the payment within three working days from the blog having been published to avoid the link removal.

We do though read every submission, and we will write back within 48 hours if we think we can provide a potential platform for your article. Separate to our regular columnists, we do not generally pay for article submissions made through the website. Instead, we hope that our platform can contribute to raising the profile of both the contributor, and the issues which they are discussing. If you are proposing to charge a fee for the publication of your article, you need to specify this and the required level, at the time of submission.

We do not accept content rewritten from other websites. All ideas, subjects and content within your piece must be original and not published elsewhere. Top UK Business Blog brings you the best content about how to start a business, grow your business and scale it. The blog posts are written by Fernando, the CEO of ClickDo Ltd.

You can have one-do follow link to your website from the guest blog. Each blog will be reviewed manually before publishing and we have the complete rights to disapprove for any reasons. You can also submit infographics and videos with proper attribution to get published in our UK Business Magazine. Please provide us with the following personal information.

Should be correct and you should also spell-check your article before submitting it. We undertake a very basic check before posting and we will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies or errors posted by authors. Then please complete the form below to pitch your article ideas.



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