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However, you have to ensure that the pictures used are copyright free, must have high resolution, and should pertain to the topic of the article. If you are interested in contributing the guest articles related to Health Niche, then type in the google search bar using the below search terms. Anything that helps our readers to stay on course and adhere to a healthy plant-based diet will be considered. We evaluate and approve all posts before they are published. Any post that we deem irrelevant or unhelpful may be edited or rejected.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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If I feel there is a need for bigger changes, I will get in touch with you and discuss this. We don’t want another blog post about the latest fad diet or 10 ways to make brownies . We seek posts that emphasize the preparation of fresh, whole, nutrient dense foods, including how to grow them. Hence, we expect nothing less from our guest writers, as we try to maintain an equally high level of quality in every publication on our site.

We aim to bring the most exquisite information for your lifestyle concerns. Covering contents for your holistic journey to wellness, we have four distinctive categories. Like the saying, health is wealth and it is always the first thing we should focus on to enjoy life to the fullest, and yes, the longest. We focus on mental health and hom remedies categories. Second category is Beauty, a column for your well-being. This is a must-read category to maintain a stable way of living.

Tell us why you’re the most qualified person to write this book. “Self-health” literacy, designed to foster our innate instincts for natural, whole, unadulterated foods and healthy lifestyles. We receive daily pitches from writers who would like to guest post with us.

Our mission is to promote the healthy lifestyle through knowledge about healthy foods, nutrition and recipes. We appreciate that you’ve taken the time to reach this part. So please be sure to consider these same factors when writing your post. There are subcategories like mental health, homeremies, fitness, food recipes and many other.

Articles must not be published anywhere else and must pass a Copyscape / plagiarism check. Write about something you really know well – whether it’s through personal experience or your educational background, we want you to share your expertise. Everyone wishes to live a healthy life both mentally and physically. Your article will be reviewed within a week after its submission and then it will be sent back to you with a request to make the necessary adjustments. Sometimes, an article needs a considerable amount of editing, which could cause some delays in the processing period. Moreover, we must give women knowledge about good diet supplementation and prevention.

Full credit will be given to you so you can use our platform to build your reputation in the foodie world. We give 100% credits to the author and mention them wherever it gets published. Authors can share this in their portfolio or CV, with the link as well. Based on readers feedback, they also become eligible for some surprise food gifts. Your article, get mentioned all across Foodwalas network. Every Year best writer gets exclusive rewards from our Team.

If you would like to include images in your article, please submit them along with your article. Images must be high-resolution and should be related to the content of your article. All articles must be 100% original and exclusive to our website. We will not accept articles that have been published elsewhere.

We determine your book’s suitability for publication based on the proposal you submit. We’ve assembled the following guidelines to help you prepare your proposal in a manner that will make the evaluation process faster and more effective. We encourage you to check the titles listed on our online product pages to get a better feel for the types of books we publish. Cookbooks that emphasize the preparation of fresh, whole foods, including how to grow them. Let us know your background and we’ll suggest a few easy topics you can approach.



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