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Here are a handful of my favorites to try now and write with later. Articles must be 100% unique and original content with no duplication and should be well informed about requested topics. Guest posts stay permanently on a Wine Today website and bring you traffic from it and from search engines. Quality guest posts are a safe and natural way to ensure the lasting result and growth of your business and its backlink profile. With open offers and their bidding scheme, you can get blog posts from a pool of relevant publishers on a regular basis.

Please take a look at our Learning Center for a better idea of what we are looking for. Why every home bar needs vermouth and how it should be cared for and applied. So many folks just leave their aromatized wines at room temperature and it gets oxidative and nasty real quick.

They look for people who know the time, marketing, or profit hack that can increase their income and influence readers. Ensure the articles you write are savvy, snarky, and interesting with actionable takeaways. Payment per piece will range from $50-$150 and will be paid one month after its publication. They look for pieces on a variety of political, social, economic, and cultural topics between 800-1,500 words. You can earn $150 or more depending on the assignment. Are you a desert lover who loves to write about North American deserts and surrounding regions?

They look for writers with in-depth knowledge of programming languages. Their top priority topics are Node JS, Java, Authentication, Modern Js, Go, Ruby on Rails, Asp.net Core, and Python. You get hands-on guidance and feedback from their experienced editors. They pay $300 as compensation for every article. All you have to do is answer three questions to get started.


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