Was ‘little Timmy Salutes The Flag’ Banned By Facebook?


Social media customers objected to the verified @Snoopy account posting a cartoon on Twitter that was learn by many as racist. However, Judge Alfred Goodwin of that same court issued a keep the very subsequent day, which prevented that ruling from being enforced. Thus, to this day, American children still pledge allegiance to at least one nation, and no other, under God. The magazine described extending one’s proper arm straight forward, slightly upward, with the fingers directed on the flag . Though generations have handed and most Americans are totally unaware of this, the Bellamy Salute was, certainly, the usual salute for decades.

Dr. Seuss, a childhood establishment, was underneath purported assault as a end result of “political correctness,” additionally called “cancel tradition.” A clickbait article spread false reviews that President Trump had made English the official language of the United States. Freedom of expression means little if voices are silenced as a result of people are afraid to speak up.

A deceptive tweet concerning the HBO TV present “Euphoria” started a giant number that ultimately spread to Fac … Facebook scammers residing in Africa stored changing the town name when reposting this real story … Facebook users copied and pasted posts that mentioned 988, which actually is the primary nationwide t … The submit, which was given a “violent or graphic content” label, displayed an image with these wo … Rumors are circulating that “In God We Trust” was removed from new dollar coins to keep away from offending people.

Despite claims that a picture of a marine saluting an American flag was deemed offensive by Twitter, we found no proof that it violated the company’s guidelines. An image claiming that Facebook had “the nerve” to take away a photograph of a little boy named Timmy saluting the American flag as a end result of non-Americans discover it “hateful” is spreading throughout the social networking website. We attempted to contact Woods in regards to the warning he allegedly obtained but did not receive a response. The photograph seen above wasn’t taken at an American college that supported the Nazis, though you’d certainly be forgiven for mistaking it as such. The truth could be much more shocking, as the now infamous, fascistic hail was once how Americans saluted the flag while pledging allegiance.

We do not tolerate conduct that harasses, intimidates, or makes use of worry to silence another person’s voice. If you see one thing on Twitter that violates these rules, please report it to us. That 2015 tweet has resided on Woods’ timeline for three years without issue. President Obama did not award himself the Department of Defense Medal for Public Service — he received the award Secretary of Defense Ash Carter.

A photograph of a marine saluting a U.S. flag violates Twitter’s guidelines and insurance policies. Given that the Little Timmy Salutes the Flag photograph remains prominently displayed and simple to search out on Facebook, claims that Facebook eliminated the photograph as a outcome of some folks reported it as “offensive” materials are clearly fiction. Facebook supposedly removed a photograph of “little Timmy” saluting the U.S. flag as a end result of compla … This photograph has been a beautiful tribute — sort of me and my family’s own private little tribute, as only a few individuals knew the story behind it, that it was taken of a Marine, by a Marine, and they were married. But this photograph has such deep meaning to me, my youngsters and James’ family, that it’s usually difficult to swallow when we see it abused.

The story of a vet being forced from a shelter and freezing to death started as a hypothetical state of affairs and was later misidentified as precise information. Flag Code to change the standards of habits through the Pledge of Allegiance. The mandate said the pledge ought to “be rendered by standing with the proper hand over the heart,” as is still giveaway generally carried out to this present day. As one of Ford’s workers writers, Bellamy was tasked to give you a phrase that would honor the flag and all the American sacrifices that it represented. The ensuing Pledge of Allegiance was printed in Ford’s magazine, and found fervent assist and adoption somewhat quickly.



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