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If you are submitting your own article or client articles. You may get a do-follow link to your website or twitter or facebook etc. We will share your post in our newsletter, facebook, twitter, tumbler etc. Donna Christiano Campisano got her degree in communications from Boston College and now writes about public health matters at the University of South Florida. She is also a freelance journalist specializing in women’s and children’s health issues. Donna has served on the staff of Glamour and Brides magazines and has been a copy editor and proofreader at La Gaceta, America’s only trilingual newspaper.

Our team will review your suggested topics and approve one topic. It usually takes 4-8 days to review and publish your content. You need to provide minimum 1 photo in article along with one blog feature image. It must be either original or fair use with info on where it was obtained.

And you’re missing a huge chunk of them if your organization’s health and wellness blog isn’t user friendly, up to date and engaging. If you love writing for these topics or want to share your story with others or want to promote yourself as an author or blogger, you’re at the right place. We particularly love “How-to” posts, tips that people can do at home or at work, and case studies but you are free to submit any idea about a post and we will review it. We encourage you to review the blog to gauge the style, tone, and informativeness of existing posts. If your article submission reads like a thinly disguised advertising piece, we will class it as a sponsored post and it will not be published as a guest post.

For example, if you are mentioning any stats or study in your content, make sure to include a link to the verified source. Our readers come first, and we need to add value to their lives! It’s a good forcing function as well just to make sure we’re looking in advance at upcoming holidays or upcoming change. And any form of editing the Glow Habits editorial team deems necessary. Posts MUST NOT be posted or syndicated on other blogging platforms or other websites.

All submissions should have a featured image above or below the title. Our favorite stock photo site is Twenty20, splash, inflation, pixabay, the stocks.im, search.creativecommons.org, and Flickr. When we publish, we hope you’ll be active in the comments, responding to readers’ questions or thoughts. In order to avoid duplicate content issues with Google, we permit content to be republished 14 days after publishing on Healthsoothe. If we publish your content we retain the rights to that content.

You can submit completed articles via email to editor Heather Quintana. Vice publishes unique angles on all sorts of topics, including health. Editors want to shape the story with their writers, so no completed drafts. Know this….You’re one pitch away from landing an assignment to get paid to write about health and wellness topics. Finally, we value each and every one of the writers that we work with!


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Healthfyy is a comprehensive healthcare blog that gives you an opportunity to share your thoughts. All about health, fitness, home remedies and as many things as many you want to share about health. This is a public blog where we are trying to provide all the information that our readers require. We are covering all about Health categories such as Dental Health, Fitness, Yoga, Lifestyle, Diseases, Home Remedies, Workout, Nutrition, Beauty, ENT Health, and many more. Write for us to contribute your blogs and thoughts about health and all the niches that cover health.

Whether you’re just starting out or a beginner blogger, we look forward to reading your guest blog post. As long as you are passionate about writing, we will be happy to introduce you to our website. Please, hit reply, and drop us your article, our team is very excited to get your feedback. Make sure to also specify the type of content, its quality level, and the amount you want to publish monthly.



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