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I really recommend this job to anyone who likes to write creative articles about fun topics, while talking to lovely colleagues. The site displays pay rates upfront, so you know what to expect before even deciding to write a cover letter. All Freelance Writing includes a writer’s market or jobs board for print jobs and writing opportunities.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Many individuals who lack writing skills drive down rates, way below… We pay all of our writers every Monday via PayPal. But with a few 5-star reviews under your belt, you’ll gain access to the longer form gigs that have a higher word count – and a higher price tag too.

I’m interested in writing for you but I can’t find any email address to send my application to. Im interested in writing for you but I can’t find any email address to send my application to. I can set my own schedules and choose the most interesting tasks. It is also fun to learn something new every single day about subjects that I would not otherwise come to know. By submitting to FreelancingGig.com you acknowledge that you accept any form of editing that might occur on behalf of the FreelancingGig editorial team. We have the right to edit your article or title if there are spelling errors or a problem according to WordPress’ readability score.

Please provide a high resolution image for each 250 words . At least 3 images is required for a 1000 words article. The images must be from the free sources (like as Pixabay, Unsplash.com, or Pexels.com). The exact image source link must be provided under each images. Headlines written following the guidelines mentioned here. The article should be well written and easy to understand.

We reserve the right to reprint your post on other sites of mine, and in future books or e-books I create. If you’d like to pitch me, but you haven’t been through one of those two programs, like my Facebook page to stay in touch — I post there when I’m open to pitches from all comers. Please take note that at this stage, you have to send in your pitches or full article. In order to avoid confusion, disappointment, and frustration down the road, here are some guidelines for your articles.

You can also use LinkedIn’s “Experience” and “Title” filters to narrow your search to top-level positions. Regularly answer questions to build your Quora audience and views. Stories are not only a great way to engage readers and increase views, they also help readers learn and retain information better. Find questions that are relevant to your niche; provide helpful, in-depth answers that demonstrate your writing skill; and advertise your writing services in your profile. Quora is a social media platform where users can post questions and get answers from other users. Visit the websites of these companies to determine if they’re good prospects.



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