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Freelance writer Jobs in United States, December 2022


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You can submit a rough draft, a partial draft, or a short pitch paired with an outline. The submission must be in a google document and should be sent to the email available on their website. Writing technical articles is the best way to learn about a particular topic.

It’s also a popular place for people to find job openings at businesses in their area. It’s a good source of freelance writing and editing jobs. Wages vary based on word counts, kind of work, level of expertise and the advertiser. Anyone who wants a job with some flexibility such as telecommuting, freelance or flexitime jobs should use FlexJobs.


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If possible, create a case study describing the results you achieved with the product and how you did so. Basically, you’re trying to match the services you offer with the content they need. You already have a relationship with these large and small businesses. They can also help you by critiquing your work, giving you tips on how to succeed in the industry, and endorsing you to editors.

But unfortunately, many freelancers skip the whole “prove you actually know how to write” thing. And you know how to differentiate yourself from your fellow writers. Copyhackers has a long list of desired topics you can find here along with their submission link.

Several factors can influence your remuneration, including your authority within given writing niches. The most basic payment level offers 2.8 cents per word. Writers Work positions include part-time, full time, and contract positions that areremote gigs or freelance projects. The site provides training through videos, courses, and live support. Job advertisers can send you special requests once you have established yourself. Moreover, writers receive 70% of the article cost for these special requests.

BloggingPro charges $30 for 30 days to those looking to hire writers. Novice freelancers might find it hard to make good money at first because of the complicated bidding system. I have some very interesting celebrity articles for you guys.

But if your goal is to make money writing and build potentially profitable business relationships, it’s something to consider. If your primary goal is to build up a strong list of writing samples, ghostwriting isn’t for you. Most members of these groups are looking to be hired, not looking to hire writers. And when someone wanting to hire a writer does come along, the person who raises their hand first is usually the one who gets the job.

If you’re already on LinkedIn, it’s a good place to start. Promote the article wherever your target clients hang out. Link to it in answers to relevant Quora questions. Or, simply promote it to your targets using Facebook Ads.



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