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When sending these types of email, you might include an incentive for recipients to come back to using your service, like a limited-time coupon. You can create email marketing campaigns for your existing customers to promote upsell and cross-sell opportunities. You can also create campaigns to capture a sales conversion from leads who are close to a purchasing decision. Overall, email is an effective promotion channel for the high-value content you create on your website. It can help you drive qualified traffic to your product pages, blog posts, and web pages, consequently boosting conversions.


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It’s important that an email campaign’s recipients have opted in to receive this content and that each piece offers something valuable. We’re in search of a group of young and passionate people to write interesting and informative articles on Digital Marketing Write for Us topics for our blog and website. No matter you are a beginner or an expert, we are here to encourage your ideas. Let’s review actionable email marketing newsletter tips to help you get there so you can increase conversion rates, improve revenue and grow your brand. It’s easy to guess the typically cited benefits of email. You can reach your audience directly, email is cost-efficient & increases sales, email newsletters drive engagement, etc.

Even if the reader knows that the same email is going to be received by 50 other people, a conversational tone needs to be maintained. Format eases the reader is going through and becomes eye-catcher hence your article should be in well-maintained format i.e. proper use of bullets, headings, paragraphs, etc. Below are the guidelines and processes to be followed while being with us. You can test an alternate subject line or different body copy for valuable future insights to help you improve open rates, click-through rates or conversion rates.

Add a reference link to your statements, graphs, or reports to justify it. Only submit original content that has not been published elsewhere on the web. This is also where deconstructing great copy will come in handy – you’ll be able to see the formulas you’re learning in action. When it comes time for you to send out your very first email to your list, use the advice from Copyhackers and nail that first impression with an epic welcome sequence. Created a post-purchase flow for an eCommerce brand? There are 4 types of cart abandonment flows you can suggest next time that’ll make the brand money as soon as they go live.

By highlighting their app’s most recent changes and benefits, the copy works to entice recipients to give the app another chance. It also discusses benefits that the recipient may not know about since the last time they used the service. Now that you know the most effective campaigns you can create, grab some inspiration from the masterful email marketing campaigns below.



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