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Apart from Listverse and Toptenz which are the other popular list website?


It includes $500 for designing a winning T-Shirt, and a thread where you post infographics and they’ll pay you $100 if it’s featured on the site. Article earnings are negotiable, but they typically pay$50-$150per published article. They are willing to pay more for the right article and website aims to publish 2-3 guest posts per month. You’ll find freelance job portals very helpful since employers themselves are posting updated jobs.

Rivera, starred in the Philippine adaptation of Endless Love, a Korean series, aired on GMA Network. Rivera reunited with Dantes in You to Me Are Everything, a romantic-comedy film under GMA Films which premiered on 5 May 2010. She played Francisca Carantes, a girl from Cordillera who turns out to be the daughter of a millionaire. In February 2009, she appeared in Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang, an adaptation of Carlo J. Caparas’ graphic novel. It was her third team-up with Dingdong Dantes.

But they usually do the research and due diligence. They don’t open threads on nairaland and ask people to teach them. No offense, but if you can’t go to google and research ways to write online and make money yourself, I doubt you’d do well as a writer. Hi, after reading your article, I have been boosted up and want to do something which I have been afraid of…I am into writing poetry a lot and fiction is my interest. I have started a wordpress blog and posting into it whenever I can and so I want to know, what should I do with my poetic talent to start earning money. I’m 23, and I graduated with an English degree last year.

But now I’m thinking there are something by which I can start. Online business is all about the content. If content is king for your website you will do OK.

While I have little skill in writing, I am an absolute beginner at it’s online equivalent and was hoping you could advise me on how to start out. Is there something for students willing to earn money through their writing skills as well ? You know for many of us writing and reading is not just a passion anymore , it is salvation. Oh….I am very grateful to find your article since I was looking for the way to earn money through my writing skills. I do hope that I can prove that earning from home is true, since nobody could not believe that. Sir I have read over 150 books in past 4 years and my thirst for reading didn’t end so I started reading articles and then began writing short stories.

This is very easy way to earn money by working from home. By writing blogs and articles you can earn money for writing. I am currently taking some time off work and was exploring writing opportunities online, and came across your article. I have been writing for a while now but have never published anything . I have done a lot of report writing, case studies and success stories for organizations working in the development sector. It is an area of interest and I think I may be able to contribute.

Smashing Magazine is looking for articles related to web design, graphics design, UX design, WordPress or mobile, and they pay $50 – $200 per article. Cracked is looking for funny and clever articles, mainly in list format, and they pay $50 – $200 per article depending on the type of article. They are looking for unique lists of 10 items, usually at least 1,500 words, and they pay $100 upon acceptance of your list. Listverse is possibly the foremost authority when it comes to lists online, and they boast an audience of over 15 million readers a month. Longreads is looking for well-written, well-told, and easy to follow stories that illustrate relatable human experience that their readers can identify with. They are looking for articles about mental health, relationships, and getting healthier.


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For this reason, I decided to write a review and show you how you can make money writing lists for TopTenz. Truth be told, things appear to have change quite a bit since the days I used to write for them. In today’s post, I’ll be doing a review of GrabPoints.

I’m glad I have come across your site 🙂 it seems vey helpful indeed. My aim is to earn money through online writing. I have written several articles and I want to send you one of them to you for assessment if it is possible.

I’ve heard some real horror stories from many, many people about them. They have a history of plagiarism, which they went to great lengths to cover up. They’ve lied about job descriptions so that they can trick people into doing free work for them. They’ve withheld pay from their writers and refused to pay others all that they are owed.



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