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12 Legit Websites Where Writers Can Earn Money


Seeking a candidate that lives in the Eastern timezone to perform a variety of tasks that include meeting management, travel management and running errands. Exceptional organizational skills and technical savvy is needed. Perform testing and video optimization, master the behavior of audiences and maintain quotas for testing. A BS/BA degree and years of analytics and/or production skills is essential.

The only general-circulation pub for the theatre, this magazine was founded in 1984 by the Theatre Communications Group. Oprah Magazine launched a new digital version in 2020 to continue inspiring women to live their best lives – online. Pitch long-form personal essays and cultural criticism that wows to BuzzFeed Reader. Backroads USAis a monthly publication with a focus on providing motorcycle touring-related guides, tips, and information. The editors look for articles about unique or obscure roadside attractions or eateries and interesting destinations.


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Provide tips for small-scale farmers and those just getting started by pitching Hobby Farms. If you have a story on “the next best thing” in international design, pitch AD! Be sure that you have a unique point of view and amazing photos before sending your pitch to have a shot with this iconic mag.

Sites like Upworthy, Lifehacker and Gizmodo consistently write headlines that break your guessing machine and make you just curious enough to wonder what you’re missing out on. Annie Reneau is a writer, wife, and mother of three with a penchant for coffee, wanderlust, and practical idealism. On good days, she enjoys the beautiful struggle of maintaining a well-balanced life.

There’s another important way technology’s shaping your future. You’re going to directly compete for jobs with robots and code, science-fiction style. Whole occupations, from radio DJ to travel agent to postal worker are being replaced by hyper-efficient technological systems, just like Carly Rae Jepsen. Pretend you’re standing in an elevator with us and we only have 30 seconds to talk before our next meeting.What would you tell us about your story in those few seconds? Ideally, you’d start with the coolest and most surprising details — the things that make the story incredibly fascinating. By the time we hop out of the elevator, we should feel like we can’t miss your story.

They tested constantly and found patterns that resonated with test audiences. In this post, I’ll highlight the areas they did well, and how content writers can employ some of these tactics in their own content creation. They weren’t the first internet news company to start faltering. If there’s one thing you should learn from the Upworthy model, it’s that you shouldn’t just focus on what you’re trying to sell. As you’ve probably already gathered, Upworthy doesn’t succeed because they produce a ton of original content. The website has several curators who are paid to comb the internet for content with a high potential to go viral.

This fear of annihilation — and the clinging to identity that comes along with it — also explains a lot of the worst things about our online culture. We troll for Likes and post revealing pictures to counter this fear. We seek to dominate, to bully, because showing that you squashed someone seems to prove that you’re here, that you exist. This isn’t about a particular religion — the experiment has been repeated many times with different cultures and contexts at play. And the fundamental result is the same across nearly 300 studies. When people think about death, they judge people who aren’t like them more harshly.

Last January, we were seeing 5 million views a month. That viewership skyrocketed to 125 million views a month — with a tiny video team. Upworthy’s audience for video is growing at a faster rate than other media companies, and at a faster rate than Facebook itself. When we look at “active visits” our percentage of those real, engaged readers is about 30 points better than the industry average. And it’s still going up, bucking industry trendlines. Any experienced editor can tell you this is a real skill, but when combined with our data infrastructure, it becomes a superpower.



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